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Next stop: the Future.

Your one-stop Techwear Store.

Embrace the unique techwear aesthetic and express your style with courage.

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We create fearless individuals.

Created with a deep understanding of the modern world, our products promise elegance and performance to the audacious souls who dare to chart their own course.

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OFF-WRLD means...

French company

We process your orders from our warehouse in Paris, France.

Made in Japan

The majority of our products are made in Japan. Find out more.

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Reject conformity. Join the Revolution.

What is Techwear Clothing?

Techwear Shirts

Techwear Shirts are more than futuristic clothing: they upgrade your urban style in a blink.

Techwear Shoes

Walk proudly among mortals with our high-performance Techwear Shoes and illuminate the streets of your city.

Techwear Accessories

Give your techwear style the final touch with our cutting-edge outdoor accessories.

Techwear Vests

Inspired by military clothing, techwear vests are the perfect tactical gear for boosting your ninja style and withstanding external aggressions.

Techwear Blog

Want to know more about the techwear aesthetic? Check out our detailed posts, written regularly by our experts in technical clothing, streetwear and cyberpunk fashion, and become an expert in futuristic clothing.

Techwear Outfits: a fusion of many influences.

🥷 Your Ninja-Tech Clothing Shop

OFF-WRLD is an independant techwear boutique that focuses on the unification of style and technology in apparel. From trendy urban jackets to the newest version of the katana umbrella, you will find what you need on this techwear website.

Finding the right product with the best value for money can be challenging, especially in this digital age when browsing several clothing shops before stumbling across the coveted item is sometimes necessary. When you're lucky enough to find it in several copies, there's still the matter of comparing prices and ensuring the best possible customer service. Fortunately, our tech fashion shop will soon become your favorite!

By placing your trust in us, you'll always be satisfied with our products. Our customer service team is responsive and attentive to ensure you have the best possible experience. If one day you come to us to buy a hoodie and, while browsing our online boutique, you notice some pretty city Kimonos, then the thoroughness and enthusiasm of our team will keep you coming back for more. We'll be delighted to serve and accompany you on your next purchase. Of course, our customers' loyalty is always rewarded, so don't wait any longer to make our site your favorite store and live out your love for urban techwear fashion.

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