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Techwear Chest Rigs

Discover the fusion between military clothing and streetwear. Innovative and functional,
our military-inspired chest rigs act as body armor while carrying your essentials
safely on the go.  Never before has a techwear accessory been so essential to your wardrobe. 

Embrace the Chest Rig Fashion

Classic suitcases (satchels) and backpacks are old-fashioned. We revisited these accessories so they can fit streetwear lovers like you. They must be more aggressive, more intimidating, and more urban-oriented. They need to be more than just a way to carry stuff. They must become essential for tech wear, darkwear, cyberpunk, or warcore outfits. Also, they need to help you to take a lot of stuff while protecting you from potential threats. It is from this need that the chest rig fashion was born.

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