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Techwear Kimono

Experience the fusion between modernity and tradition with our Techwear Kimonos. These Japanese Kimonos will add elegance and sophistication to your style.
Whether you're looking for an affordable Yukata to enhance your urban outfits or a traditional Haori, we have what you need.
What an exquisite way to express your love of Japanese culture!

Techwear Kimono: The futuristic Japanese Jacket

Tech Kimono: fusion of tradition and modernity

The Kimono is the national dress of Japan. It's a long robe with wide sleeves traditionally worn with a broad sash called an "obi" as an outer garment by the Japanese.

Long Kimonos are similar to housecoats or bathrobes for some people living in the Western world. For the shortest ones, to blazers. But the reality is quite different because this symbolic garment has many meanings and uses. We cannot even say that the Kimono is a fashion garment - which would suggest that it is a garment whose popularity would fluctuate over time -as all Japanese people have worn it for 17 centuries.

You can find the Yukata, the Noragi, the Hanten, the Haori, and the Happi in the Kimono category.

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