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  • Adjustable Size: 55-62 cm circumference
  • Brim: 7 cm
  • Crown: 12 cm
  • Ultra-resistant cap: Made with 100% cotton that is durable, flexible and lightweight to preserve mobility
  • Technical Clothing: This hat protects you from the elements and completes your techwear outfits
  • Design: Techwear, Japanese Streetwear, Urban Style
  • Inspirations: Rifle Hats
  • Suitable for men and women

Express your allegiance to the streets with this powerful Uzi Hat.

Unleash the warrior within and assert your identity in the urban landscape with the revolutionary Uzi headwear, an unparalleled blend of style and statement. In an era that reveres audacity, this avant-garde accessory embodies bold individualism, a modern-day suit of armor for those courageous enough to assert their convictions.

This isn't just a Uzi baseball cap, it's a symbol, a testament to your mettle and steadfastness. This iconic design represents the next evolution of techwear accessories, merging street swagger with a sense of purpose. Crafted with precision and a minimalist ethos, it's highlighted by the powerful depiction of an Uzi firearm, a motif that stands as a signifier of determination and resolve. In this piece, strength isn't just embodied, it's declared.

Allow your adversaries to marvel, not just at your bravado, but at the expressive nature of your accessory. This Uzi dad hat resounds like a clarion call in the urban jungle. This Uzi Cap is a declaration, a pledge of allegiance to the rhythms of the city and the camaraderie that it fosters. It also serves as a testament to your passion for hip-hop music, a genre as defiant and boundary-pushing as you are.


Intimidate and impress with the Uzi Gun Cap's stylish design.

Our uzi hat is the crowning jewel of your streetwear ensemble, effortlessly enhancing your outfits with its potent combination of style and symbolism. It is the perfect accessory for those devoted to warcore and darkwear aesthetics, seamlessly blending with these styles and accentuating their gritty beauty.

Each time you wear this gun cap, you step into the realm of the extraordinary. It transforms the mundane into a grand narrative, each journey a thrilling saga of perseverance and defiance. 

For techwear style with more guns, explore our Ak 47 Cap. This rifles hat will give your techwear outfits an edgy vibe. And if you're looking to expand your wardrobe further, discover our diverse range of Techwear Hats today!

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