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Discover the ultimate samurai sword umbrella and face stormy weather with grace.

In the sprawling metropolis, where rain meets the rhythm of life, a new dawn emerges. Introducing our sword umbrella — where artistry and purpose unite.

Every drop of rain narrates a story, and with our samurai umbrella, you become the protagonist of that tale. Gracefully inspired by the Japanese katana, the samurai's esteemed weapon, this umbrella isn't just an accessory, it's an emblem of honor. As the dark clouds gather and raindrops descend, your hand instinctively reaches for the carefully crafted sword-handle umbrella, a beacon of elegance and tradition.

The anti-slip handle, meticulously designed, ensures you maintain a steadfast grip, even as the tempest rages. The hilt, taking its cues from historical samurai swords, does more than impress; it guards your hand, reflecting a deep appreciation for Japanese culture and the tales of valor from eras past.

No longer must you settle for the mundane or the fragile. The umbrella hidden sword embodies a promise: to remain stylish, showcase your love for time-honored artistry, and conquer even the stormiest weather. Venture out with a renewed spirit, ready to showcase your tribute to ancient warriors, each time you unfurl this masterpiece.

  • Size: 42 cm long (folded) | Unfolded: 110 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)
  • Ultra-resistant sword umbrella: Made with high-quality materials (thick aluminum, fiberglass & pongee) that are durable, flexible and lightweight to preserve mobility
  • Anti-UV function  Weight: 370 gr 
    Perfect gift for lovers of Japanese culture and anime
  • Technical Clothing: This techwear accessory protects you from the elements and completes your urban outfits
  • Design: Japanese Parasol, Techwear, Japanese Streetwear, Urban Style

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