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Where to buy Cheap Techwear in 2024

affordable techwear clothing

Cheap techwear refers to technical clothing that offers the signature futuristic aesthetic and functionality at a more accessible price point. In this article, I am giving you a buying guide to know where to get techwear garments in 2024 without breaking the bank.

Welcome, dear reader. If you're reading this, it's probably for one of two reasons:

- you're starting your techwear adventure on a tight budget, but you want to start building your modern ninja wardrobe now.

- you're not new to the world of functional clothing, but you're tired of paying fortunes for techwear garments that aren't that stylish or sustainable.

Either way, you're at the right place.

But first, you must know that the cheap techwear movement is not just about fashion; it's also about sustainability, with many affordable brands emphasizing eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices.

Contrary to popular belief, techwear doesn't always come with a hefty price tag; many brands offer affordable ranges without skimping quality.

The rise of direct-to-consumer sales models, primarily through online platforms, democratized access to affordable techwear.

However, finding affordable, good-quality techwear clothing in 2024 can still be challenging.

In this comprehensive guide on 'Where to buy cheap techwear in 2024', you'll discover the top brands that won't break the bank, the secrets behind their affordability, and tips for snagging the best deals.

By the end, your wardrobe will be futuristic without your budget feeling prehistoric."

Who said looking like a city ninja had to cost a fortune? Let's debunk that myth together!

Cheap techwear brands

Affordable techwear clothing options are often offered by emerging brands or leading manufacturers who capitalize on economies of scale.

And it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

To help you with that, I have ranked the ten best cheap techwear brands in 2024.

1. Off-Wrld
off-wrld cheap techwear

Offwrld Techwear Store in the first place, obviously 😇.

Proudly positioned at the forefront of cheap but high-quality techwear, we offer our customers only the best tech-ninja products.

Price Range:

  • $60-350 for protective jackets, coats, parkas and bombers.

  • $65-150 for versatile, long-lasting and functional tech pants.

  • $65-200 for stylish footwear.

  • $25-50 for elegant headwear.

  • $35-120 for unique accessories.

How we do it:

  • Direct-to-Consumer Models. Off-Wrld operates only online, eliminating middlemen, reducing overheads, and passing the savings on to you, our dear customers.

  • Seasonal Sales and Overstock: If you watch for our end-of-season sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween and Christmas deals, or overstock clearance, you will see that our website is a goldmine for techwear enthusiasts.

    We often discount some of our products to make room for new collections to bring you better, fresher products.

We know you love to make gifts for your loved ones, so techwear clothes must be as accessible as possible.

  • Great deals with suppliers and Free Shipping: Over the years, we've consolidated our links with our Asian suppliers and can now offer you a wide range of quality products at affordable prices all year round and free delivery.

    So, wherever you are on the planet, we give you access to the world of techwear for a reasonable price.

In summary, Off-Wrld means:

  • A wide range of techwear items (more than 700 references), from jackets to pants, and from bucket hats to sneakers.

  • High-quality, sustainable materials.

  • Prices that don't break the bank.

Build your first techwear outfit today!

2. Uniqlo (BlockTech Collection)
uniqlo affordable techwear

If you're starting your techwear journey and looking with for a way to get through the raindrops or defy the wind, I suggest you look at the Uniqlo BLOCKTECH Collection.

The windproof, breathable and water-repellent parkas and coats strike the perfect balance between innovation, modern design and functionality.

You can choose from short-cut hooded parkas and long hooded coats for even more protection. Stormy weather will never get the better of you again, and you'll be prepared to face it in style with the BLOCKTECH technology.

Price Range: $50-130 coats and parkas

How they do that: vast economies of scale. Uniqlo, with its vast production capabilities, can produce in bulk. This allows them to lower production costs and, subsequently, offer their BlockTech collection and other techwear items at an affordable price.

3. Blacktailor
blacktailor cheap techwear

credit: fey_the_wolf

Blacktailor offers techwear outfits designed for movement and functionality.

Designed with the modern individual in mind, their techwear outfits embody the essence of everyday style. Each piece is been crafted from lightweight, breathable materials to ensure optimum comfort while maintaining a minimal, refined aesthetic.

The brand is mainly known for:

  • Techwear pants priced under $100.

  • Incorporating elements like Gore-Tex for weather resistance.

  • A unique blend of techwear aesthetic and functionality.

Price Range:

  • $55-130 for lightweight jackets.

  • $50-80 for classic cargo pants.

How they do it: Blacktailor has managed to reduce its production cost to its maximum.

This means more affordable prices and a slight loss of quality on certain items.

4. Orbitgear
orbitgear cheap techwear

Launched by Indonesian visionary Yos Santoso, Orbitgear blends classic artisanship with cutting-edge materials to craft technical outerwear and versatile modular bags.

How they do it: The cost of Indonesian labor is pretty low, drastically reducing the cost for occidental customers.

The brand is your go-to place for urban techwear bags.

Price Range: Expect to pay around 250 dollars for a coat and between 70 and 300 for an excellent bag.

5. Modular Gear Project
modular gear project cheap techwear

Modular Gear Project is in the 'high' bracket of cheap techwear brands, offering a few techwear outfits that easily cost over $400 because of their regular use of advanced fabrics.

Nevertheless, this is still 'affordable' compared to the average $1,900 for Acronym's jackets.

MGP's products are strongly influenced by military, mountaineering and transport equipment.

MGP offers terrific transformable and modular clothes you'll not find anywhere else.

"Adaptive. Dynamic. Versatile. Performance. " is the brand's motto.

Price Range: Expect to pay around $250 for great techwear pants and $300 for an excellent technical jacket (shorts and vests around $150, and around $70 for techwear accessories)

How they do it: It's an emerging brand whose priority is to gain a foothold in the techwear market and build customer loyalty. For now, MGP is committed to offering high-quality techwear garments for a reasonable price.

MXDVS affordable techwear

MXDVS, often pronounced as "Max Davis", is a name synonymous with avant-garde streetwear.

Known for its dark, futuristic aesthetics, the brand seamlessly blends techwear elements with contemporary street fashion.

Price Range: $50-200

How they do it: Targeted towards the younger, urban audience (who often have low income), their products range from apparel to accessories.

While offering a distinctive style, MXDVS's price range tends to be mid-tier, making it accessible for those who want to dabble in the techwear realm without a hefty investment.

7. Kin Supplies
kin supplies affordable techwear

Nestled comfortably in the urban techwear subgenre for a few years, Kin Supplies offers a fresh take on functional clothing by taking deep inspiration in sportswear & military gear

Their expansive product range covers everything from jackets with intricate pocket systems to modular bags.

The brand caters to a demographic that values style and substance, with its products reflecting a balance of aesthetics and utility.

Price Range: approximately $120 for an elegant city windbreaker and $100 for technical trousers.

Kin Supplies often offers good deals.

8. 4Dimension
4dimension cheap techwear

Created in Taipei in 2023, 4Dimension or 'Fourdii" is revered for its meticulous approach to techwear.

With a strong emphasis on functional design and advanced fabrics, this brand addresses those who seek high-performance gear with a sleek aesthetic.

They offer various garments, from weather-resistant jackets to ergonomic pants.

Their higher price range reflects the brand's commitment to quality and innovation.

Price Range: $75-400

How they do it: The brand creates simple yet high-performance garments for everyday wear. Each piece has just one or two functional details and is made with a balanced amount of high-tech fabrics.

9. MA. Strum
MA. strum affordable techwear

With roots in military-inspired fashion, MA. Strum is a bridge between classic design and the techwear realm.

Probably one of the best "cheap techwear brands in the UK".

The brand provides a diverse range of products, primarily focusing on outerwear that marries functionality with style.

Their target audience is those who appreciate subtle tech features in everyday wear. The brand positions itself in the mid to high price range, ensuring quality craftsmanship in every piece.

Price Range: Expect to pay $400 for a good urban techwear jacket and $190-300 for pants.

10. Nike ACG
nike ACG cheap techwear

A subsidiary of the sporting giant Nike, ACG (All Conditions Gear) is a beacon in the techwear industry, and the high-tech clothing world in general.

They produce everything from rugged footwear to adaptable clothing, ensuring performance in all weather conditions.

Nike ACG offers a blend of sporty aesthetics and technical innovation for outdoor enthusiasts and urban dwellers.

Their prices vary, with some relatively affordable techwear items, while limited releases and collaborative pieces can command higher prices.

Price Range:

  • $120-350 for good jackets

  • $90-230 for town and hiking shoes

  • $100-140 for sweatshirts & hoodies

How they do it: Collaborations and Licensing.

Established brands like NIKE ACG collaborate with techwear designers (like they did with Errolson Hugh from the famous Acronym brand) or acquire licenses to use patented materials at a negotiated, reduced cost.

This enables them to produce techwear products with high-quality features at a more accessible price point.

Affordable techwear Clothing

Diving into techwear clothing doesn't have to strain your wallet.

Today, the market is brimming with affordable techwear garments that combine function, fashion, and feasibility.

From sleek jackets to adaptive pants, the choices are vast, but before you embark on your shopping spree, it's essential to consider a few pivotal points.

Keep an eye out for material quality, the versatility of design, and the genuine functionality of the garment. Remember, true techwear isn't just about the aesthetic; it's about how these pieces enhance your daily life.

Cheap Techwear Jackets
cheap techwear jackets

Functional Jackets have always played a pivotal role in the rise of techwear fashion.

Whether it is parkas, coats, or bombers, they are the garments that benefited the most from the creative genius of 21st-century designers.

Many brands have made a name for themselves in the functional clothing market thanks to their jackets, such as Acronym, Arc'Teryx, Nike ACG, Stone Island, and A-Cold-Wall.

Jackets are generally the first pieces on which designers test their fabric advances, and that's why many tech jackets are unaffordable for many people.

But as we've seen from the list of brands above, you can find the jacket, coat, parka, or windbreaker you need, whatever your budget.

All you have to do is keep up to date with the latest releases from these brands, make strategic moves while you wait for promotions and sales, or be among the first to buy the pieces you're interested in, to avoid the stock-outs that are very common in the industry.

Cheap Techwear Pants
cheap techwear pants

Techwear pants have steadily risen in popularity due to their sleek aesthetics and advanced functional elements, making them essential for those subscribing to the techwear style.

It's fair to say that it's clothes that are now the worthy representatives of technical fashion, just after jackets.

Notorious for their typically high prices because of the technical clothing materials and innovative designs, it might seem challenging to find affordable options.

However, acquiring cheap techwear pants without compromising style or functionality is possible.

You don't need cargo trousers with double waterproof fastenings and an integrated waistband.

If you're on a budget, I'd advise you to opt for a pair of versatile cargo trousers that you can wear every day, thanks to their timeless style (which is definitely coming back into fashion), and that will allow you to carry a few things safely.

You'll be able to build striking urban ninja outfits, military-inspired warcore looks or intriguing darkwear cosplays.

Cheap techwear Shoes
cheap techwear shoes

The arena of techwear shoes is ever-evolving, offering aesthetic appeal and enhanced functionality for urban environments and beyond.

The choices are abundant whether you're hunting for designs that boast waterproofing, breathability, or modular components. You can find city sneakers, army boots and even futuristic clogs.

However, before you lace up, evaluating factors like comfort, durability, and the shoe's adaptability to varying conditions is paramount.

After all, with technical shoes, every step should be as advanced as the last.


Techwear has undoubtedly carved its niche in the fashion world.

While some may perceive it as expensive, a wide range of affordable options are available, as explored in this article.

Whether you're a seasoned techwear enthusiast or just starting, these brands provide quality, style, and affordability.

Dive into the techwear style confidently, knowing some choices won't empty your wallet.

Don't forget to buy only pieces you can afford and that match your lifestyle.

Never compare to others, but try to be the best version of yourself.

Reasonable Prices in the Techwear world: the FAQ's

Why is techwear expensive?

When I talk about "expensive technical clothing", I'm referring to brands that don't offer jackets under $500-600 or trousers under $200.

Here are the reasons for that:

  • The use of high-end, cutting-edge fabrics like Gore-Tex, Polartec, Schoeller Dry Skin, the incorporation of functional details and high-tech features tailored for varying weather conditions.

  • The numerous collabs and partnerships: joint projects between brands and designers in the techwear world are everyday things.

  • The absence of economies of scale: "expensive" brands only offer techwear garments in limited copies, which prevents them from minimizing their per-unit costs.

  • Scarcity: This is directly linked to the limited number of items sold. The rule is that the rarer it is, the more hype and expensive it is.

  • The speculation: Just like the world of sneakers, it's not uncommon in the techwear scene for some people, alone or with other accomplices, to buy as many pieces as possible as soon as a very hype product labeled a limited 'edition' is released.

    This leads to two things: the products go out of stock very quickly (sometimes in just a few seconds), and these products are resold at much higher prices (sometimes x2, x3) via platforms like Ebay, playing on rarity and the "out of stock" effect.

    These people are ill-intentioned 'speculators', just like on the stock market.

Why is techwear so popular?

Techwear combines style, functionality, and comfort.

With the rise of hip-hop music, streetwear, urban lifestyles and a desire for clothing that meets various needs, techwear outfits have become a favorite among young individuals.

What are trustworthy techwear shops?

While many online platforms and stores sell techwear, the brands mentioned in this article, such as Off-Wrld, Uniqlo, and Orbitgear, are reputable and trusted in the techwear industry.

If you wish to go deeper, you can always check secular brands like Acronym, Enfinleve and Stone Island Project.

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