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Best Techwear Waterproof Jackets in 2023

techwear waterproof jackets

In a world where style and technology are increasingly merging, Techwear outerwear has emerged as a beacon. Dive into this article to unveil the top 10 waterproof techwear jackets of 2023, understanding their unique features, the technology behind them, and how they align with current fashion trends.

2023 has seen a 25% increase in new materials and technologies used in techwear compared to the last five years, revolutionizing how we think about clothing. These recent advancements in high-tech fabrics have enabled techwear jackets to be waterproof while offering up to 60% better breathability than ordinary textiles.

With this in mind, and given the often high prices of techwear jackets and copycat brands, I felt it was my duty to bring you an up-to-date ranking of the best technical jackets in 2023.

Over the years, I've tried dozens of techwear jackets, coats and bombers, including those that never hit the mainstream market.

This hands-on experience has given me a unique perspective, allowing me to assess the true functionality, comfort, and value of these products, ensuring my recommendations are based on real-world use and not just marketing hype.

I hope it will help you prepare before the rainy days arrive without breaking the bank.

Here are the jackets that will make you wish for rain to show them off!

The Best Waterproof Techwear Jackets

1. The versatile Techwear Rain Jacket
waerproof techwear rain jacket

  • Key Features: Extra large pockets, waterproof zippers, and breathable polyester.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Neutral colors with a hint of Asian inspiration.

  • Price Range: $$

  • Pros: Very comfortable, good thermal insulation, large hood.

  • Cons: The design might be a little conventional.

This hard shell jacket is perfect for wet environments. It will give you a sleek look from the office to the gym.

Never again will you get surprised by fickle weather.

It is currently the best waterproof techwear jacket in terms of value for money.

2. The stylish Black Techwear Windbreaker
waterproof black techwear windbreaker

  • Key Features: Extra large front pocket, sleeve pockets, high collar, stretchy cuffs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: mysterious black for creating urban ninja outfits.

  • Price Range: $

  • Pros: Lightweight, durable, breathable.

  • Cons: It will probably not be enough in a storm (rain with many crosswinds).

This soft shell jacket is a must-have when you cross the city from side to side in wet weather without sweating.

Perfect for sport and travel.

3. The Japanese-Inspired Kanji Jacket
waterproof kanji men's jacket

  • Key Features: The double layer that adds extra protection and warmth, smart pockets on left shoulder blade and right sleeve for extra storage, Kanji inscriptions in the back.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Harajuku style, Urban Samurai.

  • Price Range: $$

  • Pros: Windbreaker function, easy to clean, quick-drying, can match various styles

  • Cons: Oversized design isn't for everyone.

This waterproof techwear jacket offers a casual street style and a basic techwear t-shirt.

It is the perfect outfit for dynamic urban dwellers.

4. The Tactical Bomber Jacket
waterproof tactical bomber jacket

  • Key Features: Padded back, multiple small pockets, drawstring waist, velcro cuffs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Aggressive military style.

  • Price Range: $$$

  • Pros: Very protective, resistant and warm bomber jacket.

  • Cons: Not machine washable.

This bomber won't let a drop of rain through.

Made with high-tech fabrics (durable and reinforced polyester), this techwear jacket will intimidate your enemies and give your look a tactical edge.

5. The mysterious Ninja Coat
waterproof ninja coat

  • Key Features: Two front zips to close the hood completely, double layer throughout the garment that you can open with waterproof zips (even in the back), two huge side pockets, and velcro cuffs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Futuristic, tech urban ninja.

  • Price Range: $$

  • Pros: High-performance clothing, a masterpiece of modernized defense against the elements. Zippers offer a variety of styles, and the pockets allow you to carry even your laptop.

  • Cons: Zippers are resistant but could be less easily open over time.

This coat is made for bad weather and offers a unique and intriguing style.

This techwear coat is perfect for bold, audacious souls who want to go through the day discreetly while being fully protected from the elements.

It's a perfect item in terms of value for money.

6. The elegant Japanese Anorak
waterproof japanese anorak

  • Key Features: Dual front zippers, high-collar, double-layer effect.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Harajuku Streetwear vibes. This protective anorak will make you look like an urban shadow, ready to conquer the streets of your city.

  • Price Range: $$$

  • Pros: The length of the garment. It offers the same properties as a poncho and perfectly protects you from the wind and rain, from head to thigh.

  • Cons: Front protection is a little light.

The patchwork effect adds texture and sophistication to your look.

It is the ideal techwear anorak for creating stunning full-black outfits.

7. The avant-garde Cyberpunk Kimono
waterproof cyberpunk kimono

  • Key Features: Numerous smart pockets, ultra-resistant zippers, and stretchy cuffs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Cyber-ninja vibes. Fusion of technology and tradition.

  • Price Range: $$

  • Pros: Masterpiece of design. It can be worn on the shoulder thanks to an integrated strap. Very resistant and comfortable.

  • Cons: Protection from the upper chest to the head is non-existent.

This cutting-edge kimono is perfect for sublimating your techwear outfits year-round.

It offers a unique futuristic style.

8. The Autumn Jacket
techwear autumn jacket

  • Key Features: Cyber-tech designs in the back, large front pockets and

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Urban techwear

  • Price Range: $

  • Pros: Ultimate mid-season jacket. Elegant, lightweight and versatile.

  • Cons: Although waterproof, it doesn't protect your arms and head.

This techwear jacket will give you a casual, sleek look whenever you don't know how to dress because of the changing weather.

It's ideal to combine this autumn jacket with a long-sleeved t-shirt.

9. Off-Wrld's Cyberpunk Windbreaker
waterproof cyberpunk windbreaker

  • Key Features: Detachable hood, hidden pockets, reinforced collar, velcro cuffs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: futuristic streetwear.

  • Price Range: $$$

  • Pros: Functional, adjustable and breathable. The design is ergonomic, making it easy to move around.

  • Cons: Lack of storage capacity.

This jacket is perfect for rainy but not cold days. It allows you to cross the city with agility without sweating.

Great addition to your avant-garde wardrobe.

10. The Futuristic Jacket for Men
men's futuristic jacket

  • Key Features: Intelligent pockets, Kanji letterings, large hood, velcro parts on the sleeves.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Cyber-goth influences, Japanese steampunk vibes.

  • Price Range: $$

  • Pros: Lightweight, enveloping and stylish jacket.

  • Cons: The jacket runs a little small.

It is one of the best techwear jackets for the mid-season

This is an incredibly stylish piece for creating striking urban ninja outfits year-round.

How to properly select your techwear waterproof jacket in 2023

Waterproof, water-resistant, water-repellent: what's the difference?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we must first define the 'waterproof' feature, which is the key to our ranking and the difference from similar features.

wateproof, water-repellent, water-resistantcredit: HZO

  • Water-resistant: capable of resisting water penetration to a certain extent, but not entirely.
  • Water-repellent: does not penetrate water easily, in particular, because it has been treated with a surface coating to this effect.

  • Waterproof: impervious to water.

If a techwear jacket is labeled as water-resistant, its construction makes it more difficult for water to penetrate inside, or it may be coated with a very light substance that helps improve the device's chances of survival in contact with water. Water-resistant jackets are handy since they withstand light rain or hand washing.

Water-repellent coatings are the next stage in water-resistant coatings. It makes clothing hydrophobic, making it more likely to survive an encounter with water.

Most of them feature thin-film nanotechnology, which can coat the inside and outside of an electronic device. For instance, this kind of innovation can be found in Acronym Techwear Jackets.

When a garment is waterproof, water cannot penetrate it. This isn't just down to the durable water repellent (DWR) treatment or the materials the garment is made from, but also the way the garment is constructed.

Garments labeled "waterproof" offer the best protection against water compared to waterproof, water-resistant and water-repellent garments.

Once you're sure that a techwear jacket is waterproof, you need to decide whether or not to buy it based on the following criteria:

Material Quality

Go for high-tech fabrics and waterproof materials that guarantee protection against the elements while offering reasonable breathability.


A jacket is not a techwear jacket if it's useless in your daily life.

Look for pieces with multiple pockets: intelligent and/or even hidden ones with good storage capacity are a good sign of the garment's functionality.

Velcro fasteners and snap hooks for attaching objects are also important features to consider?


The jacket must resonate with the techwear aesthetic.

Go for pieces with urban ninja vibes and Asian inspiration.

But in the end, you must choose a techwear jacket that matches your lifestyle.


Focus on jackets that offer environmental resistance, guaranteeing longevity.


Make sure the jacket you go for matches your body shape and highlights your physical assets.

Also, the jacket must provide a good capacity for movement.

Price Point

If that was not obvious, we suggest you buy only the pieces you can afford.

There will always be that limited-edition jacket "designed with cutting-edge materials" that everyone's after. Don't take the bait.

With the variety of retailers, you can find a jacket that suits your style AND your budget.

Purchasing Tips

Always opt for authentic retailers when deciding where to buy waterproof techwear jackets.

Honorable mentions:

While our list focuses on the top 10, several other jackets deserve acknowledgment:

  • Techwear Parkas: Known for their longer length and very good thermal insulation.

  • Down Jackets: Perfect for those seeking warmth without bulk.


Are techwear jackets all breathable?

Most of them, especially those made from breathable fabrics like gore-tex.

You can also check if the techwear jackets offer detachable hoods, straps to carry them on the shoulder, etc...

Are techwear jackets comfortable?

Not all jackets are equal in terms of comfort, but Techwear garments, including techwear jackets, are easy to wear, whatever the season.

They offer good thermal insulation while being relatively breathable, making them perfect for various outdoor activities.

What is the most breathable fabric for techwear jackets?

Among the many techwear materials, Gore-Tex stands out for its cooling and breathable properties, ensuring comfort during physical activity.

It is also world-renowned for its water-repellent capacity.

What fabric is not breathable?

Materials like polyester can sometimes be less breathable than natural fibers, but many techwear jackets incorporate advanced technologies to enhance their breathability.

What are the cons of techwear jackets?

Some drawbacks of techwear include a higher price point due to high-tech fabrics, and some styles might appear too edgy or specific, limiting versatility for everyday wear.

Techwear Jackets can also be not as breathable as they should be.

Providing good thermal insulation, movement and waterproofing, while retaining breathability is a real challenge for the future of the techwear industry.

Why are techwear jackets so expensive?

Techwear prices reflect the use of advanced technologies, high-quality jacket materials like gore-tex, and designs that prioritize both functionality and style.

It's a never-ending race to innovate, which has its good points and its evil, the main one being the ever-increasing price of techwear.

At Off-Wrld, we try to offer only jackets worth your money.

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