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The Best Techwear Designers in 2024

techwear designers

Discover the 30 innovative brands driving the techwear fashion industry forward. From unique Japanese designers to innovative European houses, this article offers a comprehensive ranking of the best techwear shops in 2024, highlighting their aesthetics, interest in high-tech fabrics and unique place in the fashion industry.

In 2024, the global techwear market is set to surpass $26 billion, marking its most rapid growth phase in a decade.

Leading techwear boutiques in 2024 are prioritizing function and making strong statements in sustainability, with over 50% using recycled materials in their collections.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have infiltrated the techwear scene, with designers leveraging these technologies for virtual fittings and immersive shopping experiences.

These significant developments have reshuffled the cards of the technical clothing scene, and knowing which brand to turn to in 2024 has become difficult.

But what are the leading techwear brands in 2024 you should look at?

I've spent countless hours engaging with the grassroots techwear community this year. Be it forums, online groups, or underground fashion meet-ups, I've listened to, discussed with, and learned from real techwear enthusiasts.

This deep connection with the community grounds my insights into real-world experiences and ensures that my takes on the Top Techwear Designers in 2024 are relevant and up-to-date.

What you will learn from this article:

  1. The Pioneers of 2024 Techwear: You'll get to know the individuals and brands redefining the intersection of fashion and function and how they are marrying cutting-edge technology with sleek aesthetics to create performant and visually captivating pieces.

  2. Behind the Seams: Have you ever wondered what goes into making a techwear garment? In this article, you'll get a unique behind-the-scenes look at the materials, technologies, and innovations that today's leading techwear designers utilize. Discover the secrets that make their creations stand out in a crowded market.

  3. The Global Impact of Techwear: you'll learn how 2024's techwear trends influence global fashion narratives. Learn about this movement's cultural, economic, and environmental implications and how designers address challenges and push boundaries.

  4. Future Forecasting: Techwear is as much about the future as the present. By the end of this read, you'll be privy to predictions and insights on where techwear is headed, understanding the potential shifts and turns the industry might take as designers continue to innovate and inspire.

Outdated fashion protocols? Error 404. Dive into the new directory of 2024's trendiest techwear brands now.

Techwear Clothing: beyond conventional apparel

As you may have already put together, Techwear is the slang for “technical wear,” it consists of (usually) outdoor-friendly gear designed for technical or specified use.

Although techwear was initially designed for outdoor adventures, the aesthetics have caught the eyes of trendsetters, and the style is now just as much (if not more) about fashion as it is about adventure.

Craftsmanship in techwear: identifying the best techwear manufacturers

While big brands like Stone Island and Arc’teryx have ultimately grown to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition from a name-recognition standpoint, several others have dedicated themselves to the craft of creating optimized attire for any environment.

Most of these brands’ mission statements often hinge on crafting innovative pieces of optimal materials, and many of these labels manage to pull it off with meticulous craftsmanship.

The top 30 Urban Techwear Brands in 2024

1. And Wander 🇯🇵

and wander techwear designers

FoundationAnd Wander was founded by a Japanese duo, Keita Ikeuchi (who previously worked as a designer for Issey Miyake Men) and his colleague Mihoko Mori in the 2011 summer.

What we love:

  • The marriage of high-end technical fabrics with aesthetics. The clothes are waterproof, windproof, thermally insulating, fast drying, lightweight and based on a layering principle.

  • The brand's committed to delivering outdoor-ready attire that doesn't compromise style. Each piece, whether a waterproof jacket or a breathable shirt, is crafted meticulously.

  • Connection to nature and minimalist designs. The brand's offerings resonate with a sense of calmness, evoking the serene landscapes of Japan. Their color palettes are often inspired by the changing seasons and natural terrains.

  • The two founders test their pieces to see if they can handle the outdoors. They say that their collection continuously evolves because of this. And Wander is more than a techwear brand. It is a philosophy, an invitation to explore the world. 

Notable achievement: And Wander won the 2016 Tokyo Fashion Award for innovatively combining fashion and performance.

Philosophy: “We wanted to kindle a desire for nature and the mountains with our collection while also applying the experience we had from working with a Parisian fashion brand, and thus establish a bridge between fashion and outdoor wear,” said Ikeuchi.

Pro tip for potential customers: if you live outside of Japan, getting And Wander's products will be difficult, mainly because of the high delivery costs. We suggest you get them from retailers like Slam Jam or Mr. Porter.  

2. Houdini 🇸🇪

houdini technical clothing brand

Foundation: Houdini was founded by Swedish climbing and off-piste skiing guide Lotta Giornofelice in 1993.

Specialization: performance outerwear.

What we love:

  • 100% recycled fabrics and biodegradable materials. With a solid commitment to sustainability, it champions technical wear that's environmentally friendly. Once you wear out one of Houdini's techwear products, you can return it to the company to be recycled and go to the creation of new items.

  • Clothes are designed to withstand a Scandinavian winter and mountain expeditions.

  • Versatility. Although this techwear brand started primarily with thermal layering pieces, they now offer a comprehensive range of outdoor wear, including jackets, pants, base layers, mid-layers, and accessories for both men and women.

    Each piece is designed with versatility, suitable for various activities from skiing to hiking or even everyday city life.

  • Houdini has introduced innovative materials that are both sustainable and functional. One of their notable materials is the "Polartec Power Air," a fabric designed to reduce microfiber shedding. It ensures the garments have a longer life while significantly reducing the environmental footprint.

Notable Achievements:

  • 2018 NK-Galan Innovation Award

  • Outstanding customer satisfaction, with 93% of customers rating Houdini 4+ stars.

  • 87% of Houdini's products are circular by design today. Aiming to reach 100% circular products in 2022.

  • The average days of use for a Houdini product are 1287 days (the western average is 10, the global average is 160).

  • It is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize performance and environmental responsibility.

Philosophy: "Our goal has never been to become the latest news, but never to become old. We stay contemporary over time by aiming for meaningful innovation and designing the future icon. By reimagining archetypes, we can create products that last a lifetime.", said Jesper Denielson, head of Design and Product.

3. Guerilla Group 🇹🇼

guerilla group urban techwear brand

Foundation: Guerilla Group is a Taiwanese techwear brand founded in 2013.

Specialization: Industrial control equipment & urban techwear.

What we love:

  • The fusion of urban streetwear and advanced technology with a dystopian and military-inspired aesthetic. This results in striking pieces.

  • The brand develops the “Industrial Control Equipment” concept by seamlessly integrating its established military-inspired aesthetic with styles characterized by an industrial grayscale color palette.

  • Guerrilla Group has maintained its sustainability focus by utilizing eco-friendly materials like ECOYA® and SOLOTEX®.

  • The team is a multi-disciplinary creative unit of 5 members - Specializing in art direction, print content, photography, music, video, and web development.

4. Konundrum 🇩🇪

konundrum performance clothing brand

Foundation: Konundrum is an emerging German label founded in 2020 by Jan-Philipp Kosfeld and Annika Langhammer.

Specialization: modular clothing.

What we love:

  • Konundrum explores the idea of an outfit that transforms to the wearer’s needs depending on the conditions, as demonstrated by their coats of multiple detachable sections.

  • The brand challenges the current state of the fashion industry using its Garment-System™ to continue the conversation around individuality, longevity, and circularity.

  • Thanks to the functional construction in organic cotton with extra-long staple fibres offering the highest possible cotton density, every Konundrum jacket protects against rain and snow and is highly windproof. Covered with a durable PFC-free water-repellent coating, the end product is a breathable, fully customisable masterpiece suitable for all seasons.

  • This techwear clothing brand draws inspiration from many industries, including architecture and software development.

5. 4 Dimension 🇹🇼

4 dimension techwear brand

Foundation: 4 Dimension or "fourdii" is a Taiwanese brand founded in 2013.

Specialization: futuristic urban clothing.

What we love:

  • The balance between practicality and the needs of modern life.

  • Functional details: from adjustable hems and cuffs, hidden pockets, to the incorporation of quick-release systems, the brand takes functionality seriously.

  • Regular use of technical fabrics: from water-resistant fabrics to breathable membranes.

  • Inspiration from military tactical equipment.

  • The various products: bags, chest rigs, hoodies, and jackets perfectly adapted to the daily urban environment.

Notable Achievements:

  • collaboration with Ronnie Fieg, boss of KITH, in 2018-2019.

6. Byborre 🇳🇱

byborre brand

Foundation: Byborre was founded by Borre Akkersdijk in Amsterdam.

Specialization: minimalist, casual techwear suitable for everyday wear.

What we love:

  • the brand works with a group of knitters, designers, developers and yarn specialists to build an integrated ecosystem that offers transparency, reliability and freedom in textile creation while giving a well-deserved stage to its industry-leading suppliers and production partners.

  • Innovation in textile fabrication is the core element of the brand.

  • Byborre isn't just a clothing brand; it's also a studio and a platform for innovation. The brand often engages in research and development projects, exploring the future of textiles and garment creation. Their approach is holistic, merging design, technology, and sustainability.

Notable achievements:

  • The brand has its signature "3D knitting" technique, which allows for the creation of unique, structured fabrics. By using this technique, Byborre produces textiles with variable thickness and patterns, allowing for aesthetic and functional versatility.


  • "Our mission is to inspire and enable an entire generation of creators to make less but more meaningful and responsible products.” - Byborre website.

  • "When we really want to change the industry by making it better, then we have to go for a radically open approach". - Jeroen Panders, business director.

7. Krakatau 🇷🇺

krakatau functional style brand

Foundation: Krakatau was founded in 1999 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Named after an Indonesian volcano, symbolizing the unpredictability and volatility of the elements of nature and the brand's goal to protect them when it matters.

Specialization: survivalist gear & technical performance clothing.

What we love:

  • You can create a functional style from scratch with their affordable insulated jackets and technical accessories.

  • The use of scientific and industrial influences to craft unique pieces.

  • Northern minimalism.

  • The brands incorporate many recycled and recyclable raw materials in the design process. The accessories and insulation jackets are all made from plastic bottles.

Notable achievements:

  • All the brand's materials are tested for formaldehyde, banned azo dyes and other harmful substances, and colorfastness and durability.

  • The down is certified according to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), the independent global standard guaranteeing respect for animal welfare. For example, live-plucking and force-feeding are prohibited by the RDS.

Philosophy: "We must save our lives and civilization from air and water composition changes, fires, and soil movements. And, of course, we will need the right clothes to survive and resist." - The Krakatau team.

8. Goldwin 🇯🇵

goldwin outerwear brand 
Foundation: Goldwin is a Japanese designer brand founded in 1950.

Specialization: outerwear, sportswear, workout clothing.

What we love:

  • The team's long-time dedication to craftsmanship, innovation (especially in materials), and sustainability.

  • The creative team is constantly pushing the limits of innovation and design.

  • The brand offers a free repair service for all damaged products (with few item exceptions).

Notable achievements:

  • Since 1987, Goldwin had been an official uniform supplier of Swedish National Team, one of the leading ski team in Europe.

  • GOLDWIN is an official sponsor of British Alpine Ski National Team as well as British Alpine Skier, Dave Ryding, since 2017

Philosophy: "We want our products to be created responsibly, but we need not compromise their function. The longer a garment lasts, the more sustainable it is because the energy and resources used to produce it are offset." - Julia Rodowicz, Goldwin Designer.

"Harmony with nature can, and should, be heightened by the clothes you wear". - The Goldwin team.

9. The North Face Black Series 🇺🇲

the north face black series brand techwear

Foundation: in 2020 by Douglas Tompkins and Susie Tompkins Buel - USA. It is the extension of the renowned North Face Brand.

Specialization: performance wear & urban techwear garments.

What we love:

  • The Black Series blends high fashion and rugged outdoor gear, creating unique pieces (like its famous technical jackets) suitable for mountain adventurers and city dwellers.

  • The minimalist design and the bold color scheme, with solid blacks, whites and nylon fabrics, make each piece unique.

  • The line often employs materials like Gore-Tex and Futurelight, ensuring that the products remain waterproof, breathable, and suitable for various conditions, even if they look more suited to city streets than mountain trails.

10. Riot Division 🇺🇦

riot division techwear brands

Foundation: Riot Divison is a Ukrainian techwear brand founded in 2010 in Kyiv by Oleh Moroz.

Specialization: tactical urban wear.

What we love:

  • The sheer coolness of their clothing design.

  • The strong inspiration from military tactical clothing, resulting in very interesting garments like tactical-inspired overshirts and metalized nylon running pants.

  • Riot Division is committed to creating modular and multifunctional clothing. Some of their jackets can turn into bags, pants into shorts, and other multifunctional elements are becoming more refined and intuitive.

11. Outlier 🇺🇸

outlier performance clothing brand

Foundation: Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens founded Outlier in New York City in 2008.

Specialization: versatile workout clothing & casual urban wear.

What we love:

  • The fusion of technical performance and minimalist design with urban aesthetics to meet the specific needs of the modern city-dweller.

  • The use of proprietary technical fabrics, from stretchy Strongtwill to breathable and moisture-wicking Ultrafine Merino wool.

  • The diverse but curated range of products, from casual shirts to transformative bags.

  • The brand's commitment to ethical production and sustainability.

Notable achievements:

  • Leading trustworthy company in the workout clothing field.

  • The company is revered by its customers.

Motto: "Material for the city". - The Outlier team.

12. Off-Wrld Techwear Store 🇫🇷

off-wrld techwear store

Foundation: OFF-WRLD Techwear Store was founded in 2021 in Paris by a team of two fashion designers.

Specialization: affordable ninja techwear outfits & futuristic clothing.

What you'll love:

  • The brand draws inspiration from the Parisian landscape to offer urban techwear products for everyday wear, from the office to the streets.

  • The forward-thinking designs are true to the original techwear culture.

  • The extensive range of products is ideal for creating a unique and functional style from scratch with intriguing, intimidating and versatile outfits.

Notable achievements:

  • Over the last few years, OFF-WRLD has become one of the best techwear brands for affordable prices.

  • Collaboration with many independent techwear designers.

Philosophy: "We create unique pieces that give our customers courage and confidence in their everyday lives." - The Off-Wrld team.

13. Descente Allterrain 🇯🇵

descente allterrain technical clothing brand

Foundation: Descente Allterrain is a Japanese Brand founded in Osaka in 1935 by Takeao Ishimoto. The company began with high-quality ski equipment.

Specialization: multi-purpose technical outerwear & functional clothing. The brand is well-known for its padded jackets.

What we love:

  • The timeless, sleek design of the products is around the concept of "paradoxical harmony". The brand manufactures clothing for rugged outdoor terrains and urban landscapes.

  • Functional details. Each piece, whether a jacket, vest, or pant, incorporates technical features like waterproof zips, articulated joints...

  • High-quality materials: Descente Allterrain frequently utilizes advanced materials like GORE-TEX and Polartec for waterproofing, breathability, and insulation.

14. Arc’Teryx 🇨🇦

arc'teryx techwear brand

Foundation: Arc'Teryx was founded by Dave Lane and Jeremy Guardin in the rugged wilderness of North Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1989. The brand's name and logo are inspired by the Archaeopteryx, one of the earliest known birds and a transitional creature between feathered dinosaurs and modern birds, symbolizing a step forward in evolution.

Specialization: innovative climbing gear & high-performance techwear.

What we love:

  • Some design team members are unconditional fans of the great outdoors and test the garments themselves.

  • The brand collaborates with leading material innovators. Notably, they often partner with GORE-TEX to ensure their products are waterproof, breathable, and durable.

  • Arc'teryx is deeply committed to sustainability. They have a dedicated "Used Gear" program where customers can trade their old Arc'teryx products for store credit. These items are then refurbished and resold, promoting a circular economy

Notable achievements:

  • One of the first brands to introduce water-tight zippers in their jackets and have patented several designs, such as the laminated construction of their harnesses.

  • Hardcore outdoor enthusiasts revere the brand.

Philosophy: "Connecting with the mountains is our reason for being, and our inspiration". - the Arc'Teryx team.

15. A-Cold-Wall 🇬🇧

a-cold-wall techwear designer 
Foundation: started by famous techwear designer Samual Ross in 2015 in London.

Specialization: technical streetwear and outerwear inspired by youth culture.

What we love:

  • The blend of British working-class uniforms, architectural nuances, and a deconstructed aesthetic resonates with its youthful following. Raw edges, exposed seams, and unfinished hems are common elements.

  • Many products can withstand the worst weather conditions and are ideally suited to urban living.

  • The theme of austere urbanity is woven into the brand's DNA.

Notable achievements:

  • A-Cold-Wall has collaborated with Converse, Nike, Dr. Martens and Beats by Dre.

  • Samuel Ross is an award-winning designer.

Philosophy: "Fashion is a language used to convey ideas. Clothes speak to us." - Samuel Ross, 2022

Samuel Ross, a protégé of renowned designer Virgil Abloh, founded A-COLD-WALL* with a vision inspired by the British socio-economic landscape and urban environment. The brand's name echoes the physical and societal barriers people encounter daily.

Ross's designs often reflect his journey from working-class roots to the fashion world, creating a deeply personal and universally relatable narrative.

16. Nike ACG 🇺🇲

Nike ACG techwear designer

Foundation: in 1989 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, in Beaverton - USA,
All Condition Gear (ACG) was Nike's answer to the growing demand for performance-based outdoor wear.

Specialization: premium performance gear.

What we love:

  • The bold colors and prints.

  • The fusion between the wild's technical requirements and urban culture's aesthetics. It results in a blend that appeals to city dwellers and adventure-seekers alike.

  • The brand's commitment to sustainable production methods, including the use of recycled materials and a reduction in the overall environmental footprint.

Notable achievements:

  • Collaborations with Errolson Hugh, the boss of Acronym.

  • Nike ACG is one of the top techwear brands at this time. Their products are recognized and revered for their blend of style and performance.

Philosophy: "Designed, tested, and made on Planet Earth. For outdoor use.” - Samuel Ross.

17. Isaora 🇺🇲

Isaora techwear brands

Foundation: Ricky Hendry and Mark Daniels created Isaora in 2008 in New York City, intending to reimagine sportswear.

Specialization: stylish urban technical wear for men.

What we love:

  • The fusion of top-quality textiles and sleek design for life in the metropolis.

  • The "Elevated Sportswear" concept is part of the brand's DNA, resulting in high-performance, highly aesthetic garments.

Notable achievements:

  • Thanks to its long-time dedication to performance, functionality, and style, the brand has a solid fan base.

Philosophy: "A sleek but simple, minimalist, and clean look requires a lot of input. Every Isaora item is a project. With a purpose in mind; material, technology and the craftmanship is under a microscope". - The Isaora team.

18. Stone Island 🇮🇹

stone island designer brand

Foundation: the Italian luxury brand Stone Island was created in 1982 by Massimo Osti in Ravarino.

Specialization: performance clothing for everyday wear.

What we love:

  • The high-end clothing design.

  • Stone Island's commitment to fabric innovation is unparalleled.

  • The creative team is fearleness: its members are never afraid to be experimental and to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the fashion.

Notable achievements:

  • The collaboration with streetwear titan Supreme.

  • One of the most respected and influential brands in the modern fashion landscape.

Philosophy: "Research and technology applied to clothing". - The Stone Island team.

19. Acronym 🇩🇪

errolson hugh acronym techwear

Foundation: Acronym was founded by the creative duo Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh in 1994, in Münich, with a focus on the unification of style and technology in apparel.

Specialization: functional uniforms tailored for the daily urban environment.

What we love:

  • The high-tech designs and multi-functional garments.

  • The brand's dedication to technical performance is unrivaled.

Notable achievements:

  • Acronym is often regarded as the #1 urban techwear brand.

  • The brand is a pioneering force in the techwear scene and has set numerous industry standards.

  • The brands has worked with Nike, Stone Island, Herno Laminar, Arc'Teryx Veilance and Disaeran.

  • The Acronym agency provides consulting and design services for selected brands and companies throughout the world.

  • The founding duo designed the iconic Burton Analog pieces of the early 2000s, such as the legendary Analog MD Clone Jacket, Net MD, Q Jacket and Black Ops Jacket.

Philosophy: "Performance for its own sake is not really what we’re about, but we think the industry has to adopt function-led philosophies, especially with dwindling resources, late-stage capitalism, and hyper-individualism becoming more and more tangible threats across the world. People need to go back to buying less and opting for longer-lasting products". - Errolson Hugh.

20. C.P. Company 🇮🇹

C.P company techwear 
Foundation: C.P Company (originally named "Chester Perry") was created by Massimo Osi in 1971.

Specialization: high-end performance outerwear.

What we love:

  • Each product is designed to be easy to wear without compromising its protective properties.

  • The brand's relentless experimentation and commitment to innovation with fabrics and dyeing processes.

  • The wide range of products.

Notable achievements:

  • The goggle Jacket, the most iconic piece from the brand.

  • Deeply ingrained in European football culture, C.P. Company clothing has been a favorite amongst football fans, especially during the '80s and '90s.

  • C.P is known for its unique garment dyeing technique. This method, revolutionary at its inception, gives the clothing a unique, non-replicable finish and depth of color.

  • With more than 50 years of experience, C.P company is regarded as “the original Italian sportswear brand”.

Philosophy: "Achievements are born of curiosity." - Massimo Osti.

21. Cloudburst 🇷🇺

cloudburst techwear company

Foundation: Cloudburst is an emerging label from Russia founded in 2018.

Specialization: dystopian, futuristic, tech-centric streetwear.

What we love:

  • The brand offers a range of clothes strongly inspired by military equipment and cyberpunk universe, resulting in striking, intimidating and almost agressive pieces.

  • The team has succeeded in capturing the zeitgeist of modern fashion while offering functional solutions for urban environments.

  • The use of cutting-edge materials.

  • Great customer service.

clouburst streetwear designer

Notable achievements:

  • In only a few years, Cloudburst has become one of the best destinations for men's contemporary fashion.

Philosophy: Uncompromising and uninhibited fusion of technological progress and streetwear.

22. Herno Laminar 🇮🇹

Herno Laminar designer 
Foundation: the brand was created in 1948 by the Italian duo Giuseppe Marenzi and Alessandra Diana.

Specialization: luxurious outerwear.

What we love:

  • Products are made in Italy.

  • Top-of-the-range clothing such as cashmere blazers, Gore-Tex Jackets and coats.

  • The use of neutral designs and color ranges, which is very characteristic of the brand.

  • The brand's culture of excellence.

Notable achievements:

  • The brand has been manufacturing luxury outerwear for almost 70 years.

Philosophy: "The world is changing. And probably for the better. We are responsible for preserving what makes us unique and staying true to ourselves while never resting on our laurels.  Making something in Italy, and for Italy, is a true honor." - Herno Laminar team.

23. Snow Peak🇯🇵

Snow Peak techwear brands

Foundation: created in 1958 by Yukio Yamaihe, an accomplished mountaineer, in the picturesque mountains of the Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

Specialization: modernized clothing and camping equipment.

What we love:

  • The meticulous fusion of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation, resulting in luxurious camping gear with contemporary design aesthetics.

  • The products are perfect for the countryside but also for everyday life.

  • Every piece from this Japanese brand, whether it's their iconic titanium mugs or their high-tech fabrics clothing, is crafted with a deep respect for nature and the experiences it offers

Notable achievements:

  • Three generations of the same family lead the brand.

  • Snow Peak is worldy renowned for its minimalist aesthetics, functional designs, and high-quality materials.

Philosophy: "We believe camping allows us to slow down, connect with others, and rekindle a closeness with nature. Our products create campsites that mimic the home, offering maximum comfort rooted in Japanese design." - The Snow Peak team.

24. Aokuware 🇨🇿

aokuware techwear brands 
Foundation: created in 2020 by a duo in Czech Republic.

Specialization: cyber-tech ninja gear.

What we love:

  • Aesthetic-first brand. The team doesn't make any compromise on the product's design. It results in striking and unconventional pieces.

  • The successful fusion of military equipment and urban wear.

Philosophy: AOKU is more than just a fashion brand; it's an experience. It pushes its wearers not just to dress differently but think differently about clothing.


triple aught design brand

Foundation: Launched in San Francisco in 1997, "Triple O" was formed by the trio Brett Eisenberg, David Cahill and Patrick MA. "Aught" means zero, and the "triple zero" stands for attention to every detail, no matter how minuscule

Specialization: performance outerwear for sportsmen, soldiers, hunters, hikers...

What we love:

  • The brand fuses tactical military equipment with modern design, creating pieces that stand out for both their functionality and aesthetics.

  • Rigorous testing. Before any TAD product is introduced to the market, it undergoes rigorous testing. This includes real-world testing in challenging environments to ensure resilience and functionality.

  • Impossible to fail your mission with TAD's products.

  • Their workout products, especially their shorts, are astonishingly effective and stylish.

Notable achievements:

  • Over the years, the brand has established itself as a leading supplier of tactical and outdoor equipment.

Philosophy: "We have one life in this world, so do good, have the strength to fight for what is right, live and laugh with those who you love and cherish, follow your heart and intuition, and have the courage to blaze the new trails that you are proud to call your own" - Patrick Ma, founder.

26. Enfinlevé 🇩🇪

enfinleve techwear brand

Foundation: created in Berlin by Michael Van Diem in 2012.

Specialization: dystopian, high-performance clothing.

What we love:

  • Enfinleve brilliantly blends minimalism design with high-performance fabrics.

  • The brand's constant experimentation with fabrics (like Stotz EtaProof, Amaterrace, and Schoeller Dryskin).

  • Enfinleve photos and videos are among the best on the techwear scene.

  • The brand's commitment to tailor-made garments.

Notable achievements:

  • In just over a decade, Enfinleve's commitment to making avant-garde products and using cutting-edge materials has earned it the respect of consumers and industry peers alike.

Philosophy: "Clothing is truly great if it makes you feel strong, powerful and protected from rough conditions. The perfect garment should be a compliment to ones self-confidence" - founder Michael Van Diem, 2020.

27. White Mountaineering 🇯🇵

white mountaineering techwear brand

Foundation: created by Yozuke Aizawa in Tokyo in 2006.

Specialization: outdoor gear suitable for urban environments.

What we love:

  • Each product is inspired by nature.

  • Aizawa’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

  • The mix of patterns and prints with a high-end craftsmanship.

  • The huge selection of products, which can also be a downside (parkas, bags, scarves...)

Notable achievements:

  • White Mountaineering partnered worked with Uniqlo, Adidas, Barbour, Originals, Saucony.

Philosophy: “The field in which we wear clothes is all outdoors. One, design. Two, utility. Three, technology. The imagination to fuse these elements together. The attitude of not submitting to sales or market needs." - The White Mountaineering team.

28. Vollebak 🇬🇧

Vollebak techwear brand 
Foundation: Vollebak was created by London-based twin brothers Steve and Nick Tidball in 2015.

Specialization: futuristic, avant-garde apparel.

What we love:

  • Vollebak's unique approach that blends cutting-edge science, art, and technology to create amazing products, like their biodegradable T-shirt and solar-charged jacket.

  • The brand's vision: creating clothing in preparation for life on Mars or for surviving Earth's most extreme environments

  • The 100 Year Hoodie: Designed to outlast its wearer, this hoodie is made from ultra-durable materials that age, soften, and patinate over time. It's a testament to Vollebak's commitment to sustainability and longevity in fashion.

  • The eclectic range of products, from their invisibility cloaks and Apocalypse Jackets of today, to their Relaxation Hoodies.

Notable achievements:

  • 2x Winner of TIME Best inventions.

Philosophy: "We design clothes for the next century, not the next season".
What we need now is gear for Mars. - The founders.

29. MA. Strum 🇬🇧

ma strum company

Foundation: launched in 2008 by British duo John Sharp - Donrad Duncan.
MA, which stands for Master of Arts, and STRUM, which stands for rhythm, combine to represent mastery of the product of the rhythm of life.

Specialization: high quality functional clothing for men.

What we love:

  • The minimalist design of the products.

  • The brand's dedication to textile innovation & utilitarian design.

  • The inspiration from the worlds of sportswear, performance clothing & military design.

Notable achievements:

  • Collaboration with the Massimo Osti Archive in 2008. Even though Osti had passed away in 2005, his legacy lived on through the brand's designs and ethos.

Philosophy: "We don’t actively follow trends by any means, our designs are more so built to solve problems rather than submit to what an industry defines as “cool”. We’re proud to walk to the beat of our own drum rather than follow others, trying to innovate wherever possible." - John Sharp.

30. Mission Workshop 🇺🇸

Mission Workshop designer

Foundation: MW was launched by American duo Bart Kyzar and Mark Falvain in 2009 in San Francisco.

Specialization: high-performance urban apparel.

What we love:

  • The brand perfectly embodies the spirit of San Francisco's urban environment.

  • Adaptable Design. The brand's bags, clothing and accessories are all designed with modularity and adaptability in mind. Their equipment is designed to be versatile and to meet the unpredictable needs of urban life, whether it's a sudden downpour or an impromptu overnight trip.

Notable achievements:

  • The brand's direct-to-consumer sales model guarantees a close relationship with its community, enabling real-time feedback and continuous improvement.

Philosophy: "To build gear as tough as beautiful.". - The MW team.

-- Bonus Brands --

Ten C 🇮🇹

ten c techwear brand

With its roots as a luxury Italian brand, Ten C, short for 'The Emperor's New Clothes', offers pieces that combine functionality and timeless design. Its exclusive technical fabrics have enabled the brand to rise to the top of the techwear world.

Founded by Paul Harvey and Alessandro Pungetti, both of whom have extensive experience in the fashion industry, the brand's ethos is to offer clothes that resist the ephemeral nature of fashion trends.

One of the brand's most remarkable features is its unique fabric called "OJJ" (Original Japanese Jersey). This nylon/polyester microfibre blend is both durable and versatile, allowing a fit that moulds to the wearer's shape over time. The unique nature of the fabric gives it a distinctive look, making each piece different from the next as it ages.

Orbitgear 🇮🇩

orbitear techwear designer

Created by Indonesian designer Yos Santoso, Orbitgear merges traditional craftsmanship with innovative materials to create technical jackets and modular bags.

Signature Products:

  1. R-Series Backpacks: The R-Series showcases OrbitGear's modularity at its best. With a range of pockets, compartments, and attachment points, these backpacks can be tailored to the exact needs of the user.

  2. MOD System: This modular system of pouches and pockets can be added to many of OrbitGear's main products, allowing users to customize their carry experience down to the smallest detail.

  3. W-Series Sling Bags: Compact and efficient, the W-Series slings are perfect for those looking to carry essentials in a sleek and stylish manner.

Motto: "Designed for Urban Mobility".


The world of techwear has grown exponentially, with brands from all over the world offering unique designs and advanced technologies.

In 2024, the line between functional clothing and high fashion is becoming increasingly blurred.

The brands listed above represent the zenith of techwear style and the direction in which the fashion industry is heading. With a mix of innovative materials and fashion-forward designs, the future of techwear looks bright and dynamic.

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