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Best Korean Techwear Brands in 2024

seoul korean techwear brands

Looking for advice on choosing the best Korean techwear brands in 2024? You've come to the right place.

To save time, head straight to our "List of the Top 14 Korean Techwear Brands in 2024" and our comparative price table.ūüĎá

Discovering the trendsetting, innovative, and functional Korean techwear brands in 2024 poses several challenges. The high cost of these garments, due to advanced materials and state-of-the-art technology, makes them significantly more expensive than traditional fashion.

In addition, quality varies considerably from brand to brand, leading to inconsistencies in durability and functionality. Limited availability further complicates the search, as many brands produce their groundbreaking pieces in limited quantities, making them difficult to find and buy.

As a dedicated follower and analyst of techwear fashion, I've had the opportunity to explore various Korean brands that merge high-performance fabrics with cutting-edge designs. My experience and connections in the industry mean I hear first about emerging brands and understand what makes them truly stand out in terms of quality, design, and sustainability.

I've unearthed some brands that few people will be talking about in 2024 and that you'll love keeping to yourself.

Let's dive in. 

man wearing korean techwear garments

15 Best Korean Techwear Brands in 2024 


LTEKS focuses on creating functional and high-performance urban wear inspired by outdoor survival gear. Integrating advanced garment technologies, LTEKS collaborates with fabric companies like Gore-Tex to offer innovative designs. Their Stormbreaker Jacket, a collaboration with Post Fashion Archive, is renowned for its cutting-edge design and multifunctional features, including an inflatable vest for added protection.

ltks korean techwear


2. Post-Archive Faction (PAF)

PAF is known for its radical and avant-garde designs. They offer three versions of each product: left (radical), right (conservative), and center (middle ground). PAF revolutionizes techwear by blending utility with abstract expression, making it a standout in the techwear fashion Korea scene.

post archive faction techwear brand


3. Hyien Seo

A Central Saint Martins graduate, Hyien Seo brings techwear principles to women's fashion. Seo designs versatile garments for various occasions, blending traditional and modern influences to create unique techwear clothing.

hyien seo techwear korean brand

credit:HYIEN SEO


XLIM focuses on fabric experimentation and unique textures. They integrate technical design into traditional styles like denim and workwear, offering a fresh take on functional wear and utility fashion.

klim techwear korean clothing brand


5. Black Merle

Black Merle combines techwear with dark, gothic aesthetics. They stand out for their unique pattern development and fabric experimentation, making them a favorite among urban explorers and streetwear fans.

black merle korean techwear shop


6. Jeong Li

Jeong Lee bridges the gap between urban and trail wear. Emphasizing practical, performance-oriented designs suitable for contemporary hiking, they appeal to outdoor adventurers and urban style enthusiasts.

jeong li techwear clothing brand


7. Kanghyuk

Kanghyuk is known for experimental dyeing techniques and using unconventional materials like recycled tires and parachutes. They push the boundaries of fabric design with innovative approaches, appealing to techwear aficionados.

kanghyuk korean techwear


8. Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster, a pioneering Korean eyewear brand, has gained significant popularity. Their success demonstrates the economic and trend-setting power of the South Korean market, paving the way for other Korean fashion brands.

gentle monster korean brand


9. Curated Parade

Curated Parade focuses on menswear and streetwear basics with off-center tailoring. Known for their double knee design trousers and curved panel hoodies, they offer affordable prices but can be challenging to order internationally.

curated parade techwear korean


10. Ader Error

Ader Error is known for oversized streetwear with graphic prints and vintage references. Comparable to Vetements with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism, they have frequent collaborations and are widely available on luxury fashion websites.

ader error techwear korean brand

credit:@ADAR ERROR

11. IISE

IISE is known for collaborations with Alpha Industries and Gore-Tex. They offer high-quality basics and unique knit options, focusing on technically infused outerwear and appealing to fashion-forward individuals.

iise seoul techwear


12. Cayl

Cayl is an outdoor-focused brand blending retro and modern styles. Offering functional fashion designs suitable for urban and outdoor scenarios, Cayl provides a low branded finish, similar to Arc'teryx but with a different aesthetic.

cayl korean techwear brand


13. Songzio

Songzio combines conventional items with contrasting elements like oversized cargo pockets and mismatched hems. More expensive, some items are available on Farfetch. Songzio also has a diffusion line called Zero Two Zeds.

songzio korean techwear


14. Cost Per Kilo

Cost Per Kilo is known for imposing designs with curved slits and two-tone mountain parkas. Their unique pants with curved zip designs are suitable for pairing with big boots. Prices are around $300, with international shipping available.

costperkilo techwear brand


You can also buy technical garments at a very reasonable price at OFF-WRLD. Check out our warm Korean Streetwear Jacket, our elegant Korean Padded Jacket or our stylish Korean Joggers.

Why you should buy Korean clothing in 2024 

1. Innovative Design: Korean techwear brands are known for their cutting-edge and futuristic designs that seamlessly blend functionality with style.

For a deeper dive into the futuristic aspects of technical clothing, explore our Cyber-Techwear buying guide.

2. High-Quality Materials Korean techwear often utilizes advanced materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and comfortable, ensuring long-lasting wear.

3. Versatility: Techwear pieces from Korea are highly versatile, suitable for urban environments, outdoor activities, and even casual everyday wear. 

Looking for top-notch gear? Check out our guide on the Best Techwear Outdoor Brands in 2024 for the ultimate protection against the elements."

4. Sustainability Initiatives: Many Korean techwear brands are adopting eco-friendly practices, using sustainable materials and ethical production methods.

Learn more about the importance of sustainability in techwear in our dedicated article here.

5. Trendsetting: Korea is often at the forefront of fashion trends, and wearing Korean techwear can help individuals stay ahead in the fashion game.

6. High-profile endorsements: K-pop stars and influencers boost the appeal and credibility of Korean techwear brands.

7. Value for Money: Despite their high quality and stylish designs, Korean techwear products often offer good value for money compared to other luxury techwear brands

How to order from Seoul Techwear Brands?

Brand International Shipping Notes
LTEKS Yes (via Kolon Mall) Visit the official site for details
Post-Archive Faction (PAF) Yes (Free over $200) Customs duties and taxes included
Hyien Seo Available (luxury retailers) Check SSENSE or Farfetch
XLIM Available (third-party retailers) Check SSENSE or other retailers
Black Merle Available (luxury retailers) Check SSENSE
Jeong Lee Available (luxury retailers) Check Farfetch
Kanghyuk Available (luxury retailers) Check SSENSE
Gentle Monster Yes (official website and retailers) Available globally
Curated Parade Use proxy/package forwarding Use services like KoreaBuys
Heinzio Available (luxury retailers) Check Farfetch or SSENSE
Ader Error Yes (official website and retailers) Available globally
IISE Yes (official website and stockists) Available globally
Cayl Available (outdoor gear specialists) Check SSENSE or outdoor specialists
Songzio Yes (via Farfetch) Available on Farfetch
Cost Per Kilo Yes (official website) Available globally

Price Comparison Table for Top Korean Techwear Brands (2024)

Brand Tops (Medium Price) Bottoms (Medium Price)
Curated Parade $90 $110
Gentle Monster $100 $120
Hyien Seo $150 $170
IISE $150 $170
Jeong Lee $160 $180
Cayl $180 $200
LTEKS $180 $200
Cost Per Kilo $200 $220
XLIM $200 $220
Heinzio $200 $230
Black Merle $220 $250
Ader Error $250 $280
Post-Archive Faction (PAF) $250 $280
Songzio $300 $330
Kanghyuk $300 $320

What are the alternatives to buy Korean techwear clothing?

Can't get your korean techwear garments delivered to your country? Here's a list of ideas to make it happen:

1. Package Forwarding Services
These services provide you with a local Korean address. When your package arrives at the provided address, they forward it to your international address. Some popular package forwarding services include:
  • Korea Post's EMS Premium: Offers a range of shipping options and is reliable for international deliveries.
  • Treasurebox Korea: Specializes in forwarding Korean products internationally.
  • KoreaBuys: Provides package consolidation and forwarding services.

2. Using a Proxy Buying Service
Proxy buyers purchase items on your behalf from Korean websites that don’t ship internationally and then forward them to you. Examples include:

  • Harumio: A service where they purchase and ship products for you.
  • Korgou: Offers both buying and forwarding services.
  • Buyandship: Provides an international shipping service from multiple countries, including Korea.

3. Using a Freight Forwarder
Freight forwarders specialize in larger shipments and can be a cost-effective option for bulk purchases. Examples include:

  • DHL Express Worldwide: Offers door-to-door delivery for packages.
  • FedEx International Priority: Provides fast and reliable shipping.

4. Friends or Family in Korea
If you have any acquaintances in Korea, you can ask them to receive the package and forward it to you using a local postal service.

5. Third-Party Resellers
Some websites or resellers specialize in sourcing and shipping products from Korea. These might include platforms like eBay or specialized Korean product websites that cater to international buyers.

6. Shopping Platforms with International Shipping
Websites like Amazon and eBay often have sellers based in Korea who offer international shipping. Look for items sold directly by these sellers.

7. International Shipping Assistance Apps
Apps like Buyandship or Parcel Up provide international shipping services and often come with user-friendly interfaces to track and manage shipments.

8. Steps to Use These Services:

1. Sign Up: Create an account with the forwarding or proxy service.
2. Get a Local Address: The service will provide you with a local address in Korea.
3. Place Your Order: Use the provided address when shopping on Korean websites.
4. Forwarding: Once the service receives your package, they will inform you and handle international shipping.
5. Payment: Pay for the local shipping and the international forwarding fee.

Last things to Consider:

  • Shipping Costs: Be aware of the costs associated with forwarding, as they can add up.
  • Customs Duties: Check the customs regulations and duties for importing goods into your country.
  • Delivery Time: International shipping can take longer, so plan accordingly.
  • Consolidation Services: Some services offer package consolidation, which can save on shipping costs by combining multiple orders into one shipment.


What is techwear clothing?

Techwear clothing combines technical fabrics with innovative designs to create garments that are functional, durable, and stylish.

Techwear is a fascinating and evolving field. For a comprehensive history and overview, visit the Techwear Wikipedia page.

Is techwear worth it?

Techwear offers functionality, durability, and style, making it a worthwhile investment for those who value high-performance clothing.

Discuss the value of buying techwear clothing with other people. Join an active community through the r/Techwear subreddit.

Which clothing brand is famous in Korea?

Brands like Ader Error, Gentle Monster, and IISE are famous in Korea for their innovative and trendy designs.

What are the top brands in Korea?

Top Korean techwear brands include LTEKS, Post-Archive Faction, and Hyien Seo.

What is the Korean version of Uniqlo?

SPAO is often considered the Korean version of Uniqlo, offering affordable, stylish basics.

What is the name of Korean fashion?

K-fashion, encompassing a wide range of styles from streetwear to high fashion, is the term used for Korean fashion.

What brand does BTS wear?

BTS often wears brands like Ader Error, Gentle Monster, and other high-end Korean and international fashion brands.

Which luxury brand is most popular in Korea?

Brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel are very popular luxury brands in Korea.

What is Korea's national clothing?

Hanbok is the traditional national clothing of Korea.

Is Korean fashion modest?

Korean fashion varies, but it often includes modest and conservative styles alongside more trendy and avant-garde designs.

What aesthetic is Korean clothing?

Korean clothing aesthetics range from minimalist and sleek to bold and experimental.

Why is Korean fashion so popular?

Korean fashion is popular due to its innovative designs, high quality, and influence from K-pop and Korean dramas.

Is Top Ten a Korean brand?

Yes, Top Ten is a popular Korean clothing brand known for its affordable and stylish apparel.

What is the fashion capital of Korea?

Seoul is considered the fashion capital of Korea.

Which brand is best in South Korea?

Ader Error, IISE, and Gentle Monster are some of the best-known brands in South Korea.

What are the top foreign brands in Korea?

Popular foreign brands in Korea include Nike, Adidas, and Zara. The big brands.

What is the cute Korean fashion called?

Aegyo is the term often used to describe cute Korean fashion.

Is Patagonia popular in South Korea?

Yes, Patagonia is popular in South Korea, especially among outdoor enthusiasts.

What brand clothes does BTS wear?

BTS wears a variety of brands, including high-end fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Korean brands like Ader Error.

What is "Korean sense of fashion"?

Korean fashion is known for its innovative, trendsetting, and versatile designs. Their sense of style is conservative and fun but still practical. Fashion in Korea has always revolved around the notion of dressing according to the occasion.

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